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December 02 2013


Christmas Gifts for Vegetarians

You have a convinced Vegetarian in your family and Christmas is coming soon? Or maybe a vegetarian friend? And yes, you want to surprise him or her with a nice gift, not very expensive, but something that will go perfectly with his way of life? Well, we may have some examples for you that can help you take the right decision. Of course, taking into account his or her preferences you can change or add our proposals.

First of all, you should have in mind that a vegetarian usually cooks all sorts of things, with plenty of vegetables, so that he or she could give his or her body the necessary vitamins. This is why we strongly believe that a book with vegetarian recipes may be the right answer to all your problems. Just go into a book store or order it on the Internet. But be careful, the book has to be only with vegetarian recipes, because otherwise, the receiver will think you just mocked him or her. And also, the idea is that you buy a pretty new one, so that you can assure the person you are buying the gift doesn`t have it in his or her collection. And if we are here, at this cooking field, you can also buy a very nice cooking apron, personalized with a nice message regarding this vegetarian style of life. For example you can write something like ``I am vegetarian and I am proud of it``, or anything else which is funny and nice in the same time. You would certainly draw someone`s attention with this amazing gift.

Second, if we talked about personalized gifts, you can think about a personalized can or glass with the same cute message. Or maybe a T-shirt. Just do not forget to add something about Christmas too, maybe a nice Christmas tree.

People who are vegetarian usually use all sorts of condiments for their meals, in order to make their meals tastier taking into consideration they do not eat meat. This is why a nice set of jars with the name of every condiment written on it, would also be a great gift. And if the jars have the green colour (just to be in tone with the ecologist movement), you just found a great solution.

Then, there are all sorts of postcards with interesting messages that would work just perfectly for vegetarian people. Something like: Love animals! Eat plants! Or I love animals, I do not eat them! Something like that will be a great and also funny gift, for sure. Or if you would like a more practical gift, you can put some of these messages on a nice agenda that the receiver can use in his daily activities. It would be something that will remind him or her about his style of life, and it would also be something that represents the personality of the receiver.

We wish you luck in finding the perfect vegetarian gift for the people you love!

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